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In today’s world, most people opt for a modern style of living which is only possible in a well-furnished flat. It provides you with an affluent stay at a cost-effective price. There are certain factors to be kept in mind before buying a flat. To decide why to choose an apartment over a house can be a daunting task.
Here we provide you with the key aspects of choosing our ready housing complex in Baruipur, Kolkata.
Geetanjali Garden by GS Procon Group is a lavish real-estate project in Kolkata. Located in the heart of the city, this project offers contemporary and well-designed apartments in Baruipur, Kolkata.
Our priority is your budget. Keeping that in mind we offer flats with a base price of just 10.46lacs which can be easily affordable. The maximum range of flats goes up to 25lacs which is comparatively low than others. Pocket-friendly isn’t it?
Geetanjali Garden is easily accessible as it is located close to Garia metro railway station.
The next key point is security. Who doesn’t think of keeping oneself and his family safe and secured? Our Geetanjali Garden provides 24hour tight security. There is also CCTV surveillance all around the complex because your security is our concern.

Want to know about the flats?

Geetanjali Garden offers 1, 2 and 3BHK flats with superior designs at a reasonable price. The flats are furnished with chief quality materials that give them a splendid look. All the flats are equipped with intricate interiors and have spacious bedrooms, an open kitchen, a drawing–cum-dining space, an attached toilet and a balcony.

Let’s have a look at the flats.

All flats of Geetanjali Garden have modern internal space with exclusive designs, sliding windows, a granite platform in the kitchen and floors covered with tiles. The quality of construction is something to look out for in Geetanjali Garden which makes them stand apart from the others. Also, the use of top-notch technologies aggravates the features of a contemporary flat. Despite being a 1BHK flat, they are spacious enough with modern and sophisticated designs and occupy an area of 500-510sq ft.
The 2BHK flats have escalating designs with an open drawing cum dining making it look more spacious and convenient. An open kitchen with shelves and cupboards prevents things from getting unkempt. These flats occupy an area from 600sq ft -900sq ft. and offer 2 spacious bedrooms, an open drawing cum dining space, attached toilet and kitchen. All flats are equipped with modern infrastructure consisting of sliding window panes, internal floors covered with vitrified tiles, a green granite working platform and white glazed tiles in the kitchen. Some flats will also have a balcony for your refreshment.
Now coming to 3BHK flats. These flats extend from 920-1080sq ft with a maximum price of 25.24lacs. 3BHK flat means 3spacious bedrooms, an open drawing-cum-dining area, a kitchen, an attached toilet and a balcony.
Next, is what are the comforts provided by our housing complex in Baruipur?
We provide a chain of amenities that will drive you spellbound. Eager to know?

Let’s find out-

Geetanjali Garden offers you some of the exquisite amenities to pamper yourself. Firstly, a cool swimming pool with crystal clear blue water is bound to make your day. Just imagine a dip into the blue waters after the day’s exhaustion! Serene, isn’t it? Or you can just sit and soak your legs into its cool water.
How about a library in your complex? Have you ever heard that any housing complex in Baruipur has a library? The answer is obviously “NO”. But our Geetanjali Garden furnishes you with a library with a vast collection of books, where you can sit silently and read. This would enrich your mind with knowledge. Children can enhance their reading and writing skills by visiting the library. Unique, isn’t it?
Are you a fitness freak? If yes, then you will be delighted to know that we have devised a gymnasium with the best and modern equipment. There will be gym instructors as well to properly guide you. Also, we have arranged an indoor games room as well. You, along with your family can actively participate and energize yourself.
Thinking about where to do jogging? We have the solution for that as well. Geetanjali Garden even has a jogger’s track for those who jog. We ponder about your daily needs too. For this, we have created a utility shop where you can meet your daily requirements.
We can’t ignore your children. For them we have a separate play area where they can play soundly without any sort of disturbances. Moreover, there is a community hall, rainwater harvesting storage facility, car parking, well-paved compound, vaastu compliance, clubhouse etc.
How about a walk in a lush, green garden? We assure it will rejuvenate you at the end of the day.


Hence, this housing complex in Baruipur, Kolkata, offers you the core benefits of living in a modern flat. You can maintain your finance as well as yourself and your family in Geetanjali Garden. We do care for you and so we have thoroughly and inherently designed every corner according to your necessity. Geetanjali Garden provides you with a range of modern and luxurious amenities to fulfil your dream of staying in a world of dreams and fantasy.